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  Hi everyone! Be sure to like us on Facebook to see up to date photos, videos and news about fishing and hunting at our camps! You can search Wallace Lake Lodge and Outposts on Facebook and our page will pop up. Then just hit Like and you will be in touch wi... Read More
What a slow melting spring!!!
  Wow, such a change from this year to last as far as the spring melt goes. Last year folks were cruising on the lakes with boats already and this year we are still snowmobiling across the ice. We are finally starting to see a break in the weather so it is a promis... Read More
WInnipeg Boat Show Specials! WILD WALLEYE SPECIALS
  Winnipegers get Ready for some wild walleye fishing specials for this summer at our camps. Come see us at the Winnipeg Boat Show for more information on special dates and rates. The boat show starts on February 28th and ends on March 3rd. So organize your weekend... Read More
End of Season Closure
  As the end of our season is nearing we begin to drain up water systems and put everything away for the long winter. What a great season we have had, as we look back through our pictures dating back to May when our first guests arrived. The fish have once agai... Read More
Snow Snow Snow!!!
  First week of October and we are experiencing HEAVY DUTY snow up here! We already have about 4 inches on the ground and it has only been snowing for the past 6 hours. Forecast is to snow for the next day! Yikes. With moose hunters in the outposts, surely everyone... Read More
Fall Time Fatties!
  Fall time is arguably the nicest time to be in the bush. The smell of wood smoke slowly buffeting out of the chimney, cool nights for sleeping and comfortable temperatures during the day with next to no bugs at all! Another advantage of being at camp in the fall ... Read More
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