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As the end of our season is nearing we begin to drain up water systems and put everything away for the long winter. What a great season we have had, as we look back through our pictures dating back to May when our first guests arrived. The fish have once again proved to be plentiful, good times and laughs have been had by all and the moose hunting fall season has been exceptional! In the next month we will be posting our sport show schedule in our journal, so be sure to check back and see where we will be visiting. Perhaps your hometown where you can come and visit. On behalf of all of us at the Lodge, We would like to thank all our guests for making this season a success. We hope you have enjoyed your stay as much as we enjoyed having you. We would also like to thank all our family, friends, and helpers for keeping things running smoothly when we needed a helping hand. Thanks! -The Wallace Lake Gang
End of Season Closure
Oct 25, 2012
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