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Lodge & Outpost Locations
Manitoba, Canada
Wallace Lake is located in Manitoba, Canada which is bordered by the provinces of Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west, the territories of Nunavut and Northwest to the north, and the US states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the south. It adjoins Hudson Bay to the northeast.

Manitoba’s central location is easily accisble from all major American cities through the Winnipeg International Airport. Driving to the lodge can be done within two days from most northern American cities.

Location & Directions to the Lodge
    North American Map
    Driving Directions to Wallace Lake Lodge
    Bush Plane Take Off Points

Outpost Maps & Points of Interest on Map
    Carroll Lake Outpost Map
    Craven Lake Outpost Map
    Gammon River Outpost Map
    Obukowin Lake Outpost Map

                  Canoe Routes & Points of Interest Map
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Milwaukee 892 miles (driving)
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St. Louis 1173 miles (driving)
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Minneapolis 616 miles (driving)
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Des Moines 859 miles (driving)
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