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Cabin Layout
Obukowin Lake Outpost
in Atikaki Wilderness Park
Obukowin Lake outpost is a rustic cabin for the real outdoorsperson. It is a two bedroom (four person) outpost, with a propane powered fridge and stove, hot and cold running water, and is equipped with solar powered lights.

Obukowin Lake promises a memorable experience for the novice and experienced fishermen alike. The lake will provide unlimited opportunities for a variety of fishing techniques.

The size of the lake gives the opportunity to head in different directions each day for you to find the Walleye holes and the Northern Pike hot spots.

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Fish Species Found on Obukowin Lake
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Obukowin Lake Outpost Layout - Click to Close
Carroll Lake Outpost Layout

Obukowin Lake Map

Obukowin Lake Outpost

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