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Tam Guy Lake Boat Cache
in Atikaki Wilderness Park
You don't need to rent an outpost to take advantage of remote Canadian fishing. Wallace Lake Lodge offers fly outs to Tam Guy Lake, where you can take advantage of amazing fishing for the day on a remote Canadian lake. Wallace Lake Lodge has an exclusive boat cache located on Tam Guy Lake where guests can test their fishing skills. The lake doesn't have an outpost, so most guests only spend the day on the lake. Flights can be scheduled for 6 am (to Tam Guy) and 7 pm (return) giving you the ideal fishing times to be on the lake.

Are you an outdoor enthusiast? Bring your tent and camping supplies to spend a night on Tam Guy Lake. The experience of sleeping miles from civilization under millions of stars is unforgettable.

Tam Guy Lake is also an excellent way to expand your stay at an outpost. After spending a few days at an outpost, take a day trip to Tam Guy Lake for a whole new fishing experience.

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Tam Guy Lake
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